High Performance Realtime Javascript Charts

With our cutting-edge, award-winning graphics engine in WebAssembly & WebGL, SciChart.js brings you the world's fastest JavaScript Chart Component. Plot millions of data-points in realtime, create next-generation streaming, updating financial, medical, scientific and big-data business applications.

Performance Demos

Load 500 Series x 500 Points Performance Demo
Load 500 Series x 500 Points
Realtime JavaScript Chart Performance Demo
Realtime Performance Demo
Realtime Ghosted Traces
Realtime Ghosted Traces

Scientific and Medical Charts

LiDAR 3D Point Cloud of Geospatial Data
LiDAR 3D Point Cloud
JavaScript Vital Signs ECG/EKG Medical Demo
ECG/EKG Medical Demo

2D Chart Types

JavaScript Line Chart
Line Chart
JavaScript Band Chart
Band Chart
JavaScript Bubble Chart
Bubble Chart
JavaScript Candlestick Chart
Candlestick Chart
JavaScript Column Chart
Column Chart
JavaScript Fan Chart
Fan Chart
JavaScript Heatmap Chart
Heatmap Chart
JavaScript Mountain Chart
Mountain Chart
JavaScript Ohlc Chart
Ohlc Chart
JavaScript Scatter Chart
Scatter Chart
JavaScript Stacked Column Chart
Stacked Column Chart
JavaScript Stacked Column Side by Side Chart
Stacked Column Side by Side
JavaScript Stacked Mountain Chart
Stacked Mountain Chart
JavaScript Pie Chart
Pie Chart
JavaScript Donut Chart
Donut Chart

Annotations and Legends

JavaScript Chart Annotations
Chart Annotations
Trading Buy Sell Marker Annotations
Trading Buy Sell Markers
JavaScript Chart Legends API
Chart Legends API

Stock Charts

JavaScript Multi-Pane Stock Charts
Multi-Pane Stock Charts
JavaScript Realtime Ticking Stock Charts
Realtime Ticking Stock Charts

Chart Axis API

JavaScript Multiple X Axes
Multiple X Axes
JavaScript Secondary Y Axes
Secondary Y Axes
JavaScript Vertical Charts
Vertical Charts

Styling and Theming

JavaScript Use Point Markers
Point Markers
JavaScript Using Theme Manager
Theme Manager
Styling JavaScript Chart in Code
Styling Chart in Code
Coloring Series per-point using the PaletteProvider
Coloring Series per-point

Tooltips and Hit-Test

JavaScript Hit-Test API
Hit-Test API
JavaScript Rollover Modifier Tooltips
Rollover Modifier Tooltips

3D Chart Types

JavaScript 3D Bubble Chart
3D Bubble Chart
JavaScript Surface Mesh 3D Chart
Surface Mesh 3D
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